Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Start of Something

"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question." - Harun Yahya

It begins with a rush as you ascend thousands of feet with the wings man made for himself to touch the sky and land somewhere else to see that other side and see whether the grass is truly greener, or just made so by a matter of perspective.  It begins with a swell of confusion on an unfamiliar street that radiates smells which run past the word sanitation as motorbikes come every which way past you as you make it across that busy junction thankful to be alive.  It begins with being lost in a land where the people speak in tongues and despite your strongest efforts you can't seem to make them understand that you need a toilet.

It begins.

You're lost, but you always seem to know where you're going because the only direction to go is forward.  You're on your own, there's nobody to save you from the unexpected, though there's also nobody to tell you what to do.  You're alone and that makes you free to be yourself unrestrained, to live knowing that it's your will that drives the course and so the mistakes you make along the way are yours to own, and from each mistake, a lesson born.  Suddenly, your head quickens and indecision clears way to make room for the great plan of today because today is all you have in this city.  This city is hectic, this city is overwhelming so you decide to leave for a quieter slice of life.

Into the fields of green.  It's you, your bike, and the open road, and every twist and turn you take on the path has you going further away from the safety of civilization.  Hours more and you begin to weigh the importance of the luxury of the modern man against the fresh, pristine breath of air that fills your lungs with a rush of life.  Your mind digs deeper; it's just you, yourself, and a restless heart, and the silence of nature starts an internal dialogue that has you asking more from yourself now that there's nowhere to run.  You ask the hard questions and take the heat which brings about tears as well as profound happiness.  You wonder if you're alone, but you're not alone.

You meet a guy, and this guy tells you his name, his story, and he's not afraid to share with you his demons or his greatest triumphs. That guy took off his mask, so you feel safe in doing so as well.  You start showing others who you truly are, not after testing the waters, but instead with a big splash that has you finally accepting yourself for your strengths, and more importantly, your faults.  You travel with that guy, you grow close, but inevitably you must part ways until the next time you meet because there are no farewells, just "see you laters" and bus rides into sunsets.  Again, you're alone, but you're never alone.  Again, you meet a guy, another guy, a girl with some girls that she met, and together you travel and you share in the revelry of forget-me-nots and wild nights only to part ways again.  From each person you learn more of the world, and with it, a broadened perspective that opens your mind to all things new.  You step out of your comfort zone and you continue to push the boundary until you know none.  You begin to question the validity of the word "safe" as you trek the wilderness and feel more at peace than any pacified suburb.

Your established views are shattered, judgements nullified, and eyes opened wide to see the truth of the world- that there are no absolute truths to behold, just shades of grey and hard lined decisions.  You see that that person you wanted to become, that you worked so hard to envision and idolized as yourself, never existed.  You see clearly now how marred your vision had become by the words of others which strung together an ideal life to follow; however, you were never intent on following.  You see now the fear you felt before it all began, but you take comfort in knowing that you no longer fear the future.  You run towards it.  You know that you'll never be caged, that you'll never be stuck so long as you choose not.  You see that all it takes is a one way ticket.  And so, it begins.

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